​TPOL’s Technical Troubles


My plan is to write my trip report in real time, allowing for a day lag so jeepers creepers don’t know exactly where I am. I had hoped that I could use my wireless keyboard and my Samsung S7 to do all of this. 
For editing, I use Ginger Page, a great app that plays back my beautiful words to me and spots spelling and grammar issues. For photos, I’ve been messing with Image Shrink and Photo & Picture Resizer, apps which would make it much faster to upload the photos to the WordPress app. 

Well things are not going according to plan. First, even with the resized photos, it takes forever to get them into WordPress. In my Andaz Wall Street post, I gave up trying and hit publish, having not uploaded all the photos. My backup plan was to write the posts on my phone, upload the photos to the media library, then use my laptop to insert them into the post. Something happened to my power cord and now my laptop is dead with no hope of revival unless I can find a Lenovo reseller in Indonesia. 

Three days ago, I wrote about Amazon’s 22nd century technology. Today, I am wondering how it is possible that I can’t blog without tethering myself to a laptop and super duper high speed Internet. 

Maybe a tablet is the solution. Maybe one of those stupid Microsoft Surface Pros. It can’t be Apple! I refuse. 


    • No way. Hate apple. Love Samsung. Love Lenovo if their crap didn’t break. You’ll never guess how I’m spending my time in jakarta

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