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Alex’s Hip New Year’s Travels: Emporio Acapulco 2005

Every New Years dating back to 2001, it has been a tradition for me to be out of the country when the clock struck midnight.

Years before ThePointsOfLife was traveling for free, I used to do something ridiculous; I used to pay for hotel rooms. In December 2004, my best friends and I paid a reasonable $1000 per person for a week at the all-inclusive Emporio Acapulco including airfare. I had to dig into the archives to find one for the cost conscious Emporio Acapulco:

I do hope my writing has improved since then.

“New Years 2004!!”

Reviewed January 28, 2005

Ok, here is the real deal with this hotel. I went for New Years with a couple of my buddies (22 years old). We went the economical way and got all inclusive for a bargain. At first i was apprehensive of the quality of the hotel till I arrived there. The lobby is beautiful, the sushi bar is gorgeous, and the rooms provide a great view of the ocean and the pool. The buffet food is horrible but the grill during the day is amazing, the best hamburgers, and chicken tenders not to mention they will make the drinks as strong as you like. As for the service, they wait on you all day long in the hot sun for basically tips. Our guy came and went and came and went all day long with pina coladas and hamburgers. The Adult pool is awesome and very clean. The only draw back to the hotel is the lawn chairs which have metal handles so you tend to burn yourself a lot when the sun hits (get an extra towel to cover the metal). Next, many of the lawn chairs are broken which is annoying.
Overall, not even because it was inexpensie but because it truly was a great hotel and this is my comparison to the 5 Star Horrible Riu Cancun that i went to last new years. I recommend this hotel 2 thumbs up with a clean modern hotel, fantastic service, and beautiful pools. As for the cleanliness of the ocean, they cleaned it up nicely after the Mexican Holiday week when it did get polluted. If you want an ocean, go to Cancun.

What else, ahh Palladium, see the devil of course, and Mandara where the music is 90’s hiphop for most of the night which got annoying cuz its 2005 now.

And the security at the hotel is great and very friendly.

Acapulco 003a (1)
The main pool
Acapulco 003a (10)
The adult pool
Acapulco 003a (42)
The meh ocean
Acapulco 003a (72)
Before the Umich program drown
Acapulco 003a (40)
TO Billups style
Acapulco 003a (35)
There’s the ocean
Acapulco 003a (18)
Another athletic grab
Acapulco 003a (12)
Artistic in Acapulco
Acapulco 003a (2)
Farewell Diablo!

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