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Monday, July 15, 2024
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The Best Indian Food Comes from This Small Town

Best Indian Food Blenheim New Zealand is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

A good combination is white wine and Indian food. If you’re searching for the two in Blenheim, there’s only one place to go. And it’s so good, we went twice. The name of the restaurant is Raizada. It is right around the corner from my hotel, the Chateau Marlborough.a sign on a pole


The first time we went, we got the usual order of butter chicken, vegetarian beryani, and ‘Indian hot’ lamb vindaloo. That along with butter naan is the go-to combination.a bottle and glass of wine a bowl of food with a spoon a bowl of soup with spoons a bowl of rice with vegetables and spices a table with food and wine glasses a close up of food


Raizada also sells spices. I got into a conversation with the owner Roger about bringing spices home which led to a conversation about wine. That led to sampling bottles of gewürztraminer, something I never had before. That led back to a conversation about making butter chicken in less than five minutes. I didn’t believe it until he literally cooked it in front of me right then and there. a group of jars of sauce on a shelfa bottle of wine on a table

Second Visit 

As regulars of Raizada, we didn’t have to order off the menu. Roger made everything like it was the holidays.a glass of beer on a table a plate of fried food with sauces a bowl of food with a spoon a bowl of green soup with a spoon a bowl of rice and other dishes a bowl of soup with a spoon a basket of food on a table a table with food and wine glasses


This is the best Indian food I have had since my time in Goa.

TPOL’S TIP: If you can’t visit Raizada personally, fear not, Raizada will soon be selling its spices worldwide. More information when they become available.



  1. Yes, Christian, that refers to their ability to sell alcohol (to be consumed on premises). As opposed to, I think, a ‘partial’ or ‘restricted’ license which means that they can allow customers to BYO but not sell it themselves.

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