Monday, October 25, 2021

Food Poisoning in Paradise

The chills, the sweats, and the impromptu runs to the toilet is how I spent my Saturday in Sharm. I'm not going to go into detail about that situation. Instead, this is a travel...

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Taxi: This Time It’s My Fault

‎I know I'm going to open myself to attack on this one and deservedly so but before you unleash your fury please understand I am candidly sharing this experience when I probably should keep...

Egypt Sinai Peninsula Makes 76 ‘Countries’: Let the Anger Ensue

In order to update my Country Count List for the trip report, Athens Marathon: The Original Course I visited the Travelers' Century Club website to confirm that Egypt was listed in Africa when what to my wondering...

Hyatt Sharm el-Sheikh Wants My Stool Sample

After a terrible time in Sharm which included the worst food poisoning of my life and the taxi driver that fought with me over $2 at the airport nearly costing me my flight, I...

EgyptAir: Warning Economy Class Review

I thought I'd change it up and provide a review of EgyptAir's flight from Athens to Cairo. I also flew EgyptAir from Cairo to Luxor and and Cairo to Sharm. The details of this review are applicable to those flights as well.

Hyatt Sharm el-Sheikh: Beautiful Hotel, Terrible Time

Hyatt Regency Sharm el-Sheikh Review: The original plan was to run the Athens Marathon then go straight to Sharm for R&R. Then the plan changed to go to Cairo and Luxor and end the trip in Sharm.
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