Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Champagne & Cigars at the IC Marseille

My birthday started in Paris with mild day of tourism followed by dinner at McDonald's at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome. Following that classy feast, I left for Marseille for proper French cuisine. That was followed...

Haircuts Abroad: Marseille Edition

Some bloggers write about the UNESCO sites they've visited. Other bloggers write about every plane they've boarded. I choose to document many overlooked areas of travel. The first is obviously pho. The second is espresso. Another...

Fancy French Food? Choose Street Food In Marseille Instead

I love to eat. I especially love to eat authentic local cuisine. I'm not talking about the incomparable Olive Garden Times Square or the bistro, McDonald's (said in French accent) in Paris. I'm talking about...

A Football in Match in Marseille: Do Not Miss

By now, it is clear that TPOL writes about getting Points (see Haircuts Abroad). Instead, I choose to focus on what to do with the points. For me, one of the best uses for points is...

InterContinental Marseille: A Timeless Hotel

The IC Marseille is a beautiful hotel that sits on a perch overlooking the Vieux Port. It's like something from a movie. Indeed, it is featured in the TV series Marseille. The best part of the hotel is the view from the terrace, a view that was not available from my room.

Guns & Butter: Marseille Travel Guide

TPOL’s Guns & Butter Travel Guide is the best way to see as much as you can in as little time as possible. Here’s how it works: A trip is composed of two factors: Labor And...
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