Saturday, November 26, 2022

Hotel Grande Bretagne: Athens Luxury

The Hotel Grande Bretagne is traditional luxury at its finest. Everything is fancy and sophisticated in keeping with Athenian culture.

Guns & Butter: Athens Travel Guide

Despite being one of the students from hell, I was excited to learn about Greek culture and hoped that one day I would be able to go to Greece. At that time my PanAm award miles was empty leaving me to wonder how I would get to Athens in a lie-flat seat.

King George Hotel Athens: It’s Great to Be King

Here is a bold statement: The King George Athens is one of the best hotels in the world. If you exclude the view in the Maldives or the tranquility of Seychelles and focus only on the property itself, this argument holds water.

Athens Marathon: One Day More

The race is upon us. I picked up my bib and am headed back to the hotel for some water, oatmeal, and biofreeze. Thousands of people have signed up to run this race and...

Spare Renminbi Prevents Greek FX Gouging

If I can just get out of the airport then I've made it. That applies to dodging taxis and skipping the exchange counter. Fresh off of an Easyjet that defines no frills, I am in...

Killing the Greek Economy, One Swipe at a Time

2 coffees, a reasonable 7.9 euros considering we are in the National Garden in Athens. One gyro, 2.8 euros, also not bad considering it was dine in. As Americans and more likely because we are...

Athens Marathon: Complete

Time to celebrate but thought a quick post was in order. Despite injury, the hottest day, and crippling LeBron esque cramps I finished with a time of 5:05:59. Try as I might I couldn't...
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