Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kenya Safari: Booking a Last Minute Driver for Maasai Mara And Amboseli

Like everything I've done this trip, this tour was booked last minute and on site. The prices on the Internet for booking in advance are too high.

China Plate: Fantastic Chinese Food in Nairobi

On the road for weeks, I had a craving for Chinese food. Up to this point, everything I ate in Africa was delicious. Some of the best pizza I have ever had was in...

Keekorok Safari Lodge Mara Park: You Are Most Welcome

Jambo! And welcome to Keekorok Safari Lodge, one of the best hotels on planet earth.

Kibo Lodge Amboseli: It’s No Keekorok

Nothing will compare to Keekorok. Indeed, most things will disappoint. Unfortunately Kibo Lodge, a lovely resort at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, is included in this category.

Drive Versus Fly? The Bumpy Road to Maasai Mara

Drive Versus Fly is part of the South American & Africa Points Heist. I booked the drive through the Four Points concierge in Nairobi. Fly versus drive - those are your options to Maasai Mara....

Malaria Or Food Poisoning? Day 2 Safari Ruined

Malaria Or Food Poisoning is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. I'm too familiar with food poisoning. Sharm El Sheikh was the worst. Siem Reap was second. Prague was third....

Massai Mara to Amboseli: The Arduous 12 Hour Drive

Maasai Mara to Amboseli is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. If you're looking to see another one of Kenya's great national parks, might I suggest breaking up the trip...

Amboseli National Park: My Second Beautiful Safari

The Amboseli National Park post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. What is Amboseli? It's a national park in Kenya named after the sand storms that blow through the...

Visiting the Massai Community in Amboseli

My visit to the Maasai Community is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. Near the Kibo Lodge, there was a Maasai community which allowed visitors to come and see how they...

Kenyan Safaris Are Expensive: Mara & Amboseli Price Summary

The Kenyan Safaris Are Expensive post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. ‎Can I get more ad revenue please? The idea behind points trips was not to pay to travel....
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