Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Statues Skopje: Why So Many?

At first, I thought they built the statue of Alexander the Great in the square to honor that momentous occasion. As it turns out, there are statues all over the place depicting everything and anything.

Skopski Merak: Where to Eat in Skopje

For only being in Skopje for one night, I certainly did a lot. After eating Macedonian kebab in the Old Bazaar, I rallied and went out to eat at Skopski Merak, a Macedonian restaurant recommended by the Marriott.

Guns & Butter: Skopje Travel Guide

If you're going to your 100th country, make it memorable. In Macedonia, they graciously built a monument in my honor. 

Albanian Riviera: Beautiful, But How Do You Get There?

Promises made, promises kept. The time had come for TPOL to listen to the voters and move to Albania.

Recap! #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL

Recap is part of the #NoCollusion, No Albania for TPOL where I break my 100 country count mark. See the World Map for where I’ve been. Take a look at this. Have you seen anything more beautiful? Here's...
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