Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tahiti’s Diva Wide Receiver Problem

‎There's a celebration at the Hilton Moorea going on right now. It is to mark the end of TPOL's reign of terror on the resort. It's no coincidence that today is one of the...

Fat Guy in the Lounge: Tahiti Edition

Planters peanuts, shrimp cup noodles, Diet Coke, regular Coke, Bloody Mary's, sandwiches, Jack n Diet, and anything else is a reason to write a sentence in the passive voice. Although there was no beef jerky,...

Air New Zealand to Tahiti: In Coach to Paradise

There are worse things in life than flying coach. At the moment, I can't think of any of them. I did everything I could to get United, Air New Zealand, and the island nation of French Polynesia to upgrade my ticket from coach to business for the AKL-PPT-AKL legs.

Le Méridien Tahiti: Good Enough

Welcome to Tahiti everyone. Specifically, welcome to the big island of French Polynesia and Le Méridien. Don't bother unpacking your stuff as most of you will only be staying here for one night or two depending on when you arrived to Papeete and when you depart for one of the other islands.

Air Tahiti Island Hopper Review: Cheaper Than Maldives

It cost $500/pax to take the Maldives Seaplane from the airport to the Conrad Rangali Island. That's a steep price for a thirty minute flight but it was quite the experience.

Guns & Butter: Tahiti Travel Guide

Tahiti is one of those mythical places everyone dreams of visiting. For me, it became a challenge not only to go but also to get there in style.
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