Thursday, February 2, 2023
lufthansa business class

Losing My Points Virginity: Trip Report Overview

This Overview is part of the Losing My Points Virginity Trip Report where in 2012 I flew business class for the first time on points. Do you remember losing your virginity? For me it's impossible...

Where can you find the best Chinese food in the world? Flint, motherf$@king, Michigan.

Where can you find the best Chinese food in the world? The answer: Flint, motherf$@king, Michigan. Located right next to and across the street from two gentlemen’s clubs is positively, undoubtedly the best Chinese food in...

Do Not Disturb: Why Is The Sign Required?

I am leaving Michigan for the Wild West in the back of another Delta flight after a hectic Thanksgiving and a lot of driving. (trip report to follow) Yesterday, I stayed at the Hyatt...

Delta Sky Club Detroit Metro: This Again?

Am I crazy? Wasn't I just here? The Delta Sky Lounge at Detro Metro Airport is exactly like the one in Minneapolis. This one boasts a grand entrance with a front desk that makes you think you are checking into the Waldorf. Instead, after taking the escalator up one level, you find yourself back in the mediocrity that is the Delta Sky Lounge.

A Lions Thanksgiving: Football at Ford Field

Thanksgiving is about dolma, hummus, tubbulah, cari, turkey and Detroit Lions football. It doesn't get any more American than those standard foods combined with watching the cowardly Lions take the field for a meaningless...

Westin DTW: Leaving the D in Style

I had a flight departing at 6:00AM to New York until I checked into the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport at midnight. This is not some inn located near an airport providing its guests with a...

Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport: The Best in the Business

PG has the market cornered for airport hotels for Detroit Metro. The Westin is sensational and is connected to the Delta terminal. However, the price can exceed $200 a night or 5000 SPG points + $75. The alternative is to pay around $100 or 2000 SPG points + $35 for the Sheraton.

Buckeyes Wolverines: Fourth & Short Trip Report Recap

This is the recap of the Trip Report: Buckeyes Wolverines 2016 which covers the following places: Cleveland, Ohio Columbus, Ohio  Detroit, Michigan  Points are best used to attend sporting events that otherwise would be cost prohibitive. Weeks before...

The Best Sports Stadiums: The Big House

Care for some trivia? Where is the largest stadium in the world? If you guessed the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan you would be wrong. The largest is the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium in Pyongyang,...

The Farewell Feast

The countdown to Mongolia is on and I am in Michigan prepping for the cold winter by fattening up on home cooked food. Today, I stopped by at my grandma's to have a light lunch...
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