Saturday, December 3, 2022

TPOL’s Guide to Bargaining Abroad

Read the 2019 Bargaining Guide. Greetings and salutations from 中国。Today's topic is bargaining abroad. This is an update to my previous guide for those looking to score the best deals on bags, shoes, watches while overseas. Yesterday,...

Bargaining Abroad, I Lost the Battle

Ask anyone about my bargaining skills and you they will say that I am the best. Don't believe me, then stack up your "best quality" purchases with the following (which should also be used a basis for all negotiations going forward):

Michigan Ohio State: A Case Study in Ticket Scalping

The book of Revelation describes the end of days where good will battle evil once and for all. A glimpse of this fight will take place on November 26, 2016 when the hopefully undefeated Wolverines...

Ticket Scalping NYC: The Follow-Up

One of the best things about living in NYC is that there always is some special event happening at an excellent venue. Last Saturday, the inconsistent Michigan Wolverines came to MSG to take on the...

Your Fee to Leave

You're not free to leave because you have to pay the fee. Philippines, Costa Rica, and Bali, Indonesia all charge this nonsense departure tax that is supposed to support airport infrastructure or youth development...

Melbourne-Wellington: Paying Cash Saves $

Fixated with constructing the best points itinerary beheld by all of mankind, I forgot common sense in making my booking from Melbourne to Wellington. I elected to use Avios to fly business on Qantas. The fare should've been 40,000 points and a nominal amount in tax. Instead after hours arguing with terrible British Airways customer service, I ended up paying $260 which included improper fuel surcharges.

My Grandma And I Are Proud AARP Members

Found my way back to the D this week en route to Athens which meant a necessary carb load stop at grandma's house. How great does that food look? Anyhow, I was speaking with my uncle...

Spare Renminbi Prevents Greek FX Gouging

If I can just get out of the airport then I've made it. That applies to dodging taxis and skipping the exchange counter. Fresh off of an Easyjet that defines no frills, I am in...

Don’t Pay $30 for Tacos

We all travel enough to know there are tourist traps everywhere. It begins at the airport with the ATM that charges a less than friendly rate and continues with the taxi driver who exploits the unfamiliar traveler. To combat these usual occurrences we know to use Uber and keep a Charles Schwab checking account for international travel. These precautions are a must.

TPOL Knows Cologne, Just Don’t Buy It on a Plane

Cologne is part of the ANA, Take Me ‘Round the World Trip Report. Much like I have a refined palette for quality wine, I have a keen nose for cologne. Since I was a kid,...
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