Thursday, February 2, 2023

Guns & Butter: Helsinki Travel Guide

This is part of the Trip Report Welcome to the Cold where I went from NYC to: Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Riga, Latvia Istanbul, Turkey Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia If you’re just tuning in now be sure to read how I ended up...
bangkok travel guide

Guns & Butter: Bangkok Travel Guide

This is part of the Trip Report So Long Mongolia, Hello SE Asia (December-January 2015) which covers: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Bangkok, Thailand Chiang Rai, Thailand Yangon, Myanmar Ngwe Saung, Myanmar Mandalay, Myanmar Bagan, Myanmar Hong Kong Orlando, Florida Catch up by reading the preview, The Banana Pancake Trail to...

Guns & Butter: Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide

This is a special edition of the Travel Guide as it commemorates one the most fantastic travel experiences, Rio de Janeiro Carnival. (Carnaval en Português) Though the experience was different, the formula for what to do...
liberia costa rica

Guns & Butter: Liberia Travel Guide

This is the debut of my Travel Guide section where I answer the first question muttered once you are forced out of the Lounge, get spoiled on the Flight, and make it to your...

Guns & Butter: A Better Way to Travel

The definition of economics is the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. Despite a bachelors in economics from the University of Michigan, I still fight this principle by trying to do too...
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