Thursday, July 2, 2020

Expat Life Shanghai: Setting Up DiDi in China

Initially, I couldn't link a credit card and could only use Didi to call taxis. This was still more convenient than trying to flag down a cab on the street.

Expat Life Shanghai Metro: When Every Day Is Black Friday

Shanghai Metro is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report. If you're sick of "DiDi" (China's replacement of Uber), and want a more efficient way of getting around Shanghai, take the metro. Sure, you...

Z & B Fitness: TRX Training in Shanghai

I used to pretend I would workout when I traveled. There was a time when I TRX'd in Tahiti. I have given up on that plan.

Unhappy Upon Check In? Don’t Let Buyer’s Remorse Sink In

Buyer's Remorse is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report. The Airbnb in Shanghai was awful (see Airbnb Long-Term? Never Again: My Shanghai Experience). The U Hotel was acceptable. Thanks to Citi's 4th Night...

Sunday Funday Shanghai: An Expat Timeout

Where can you celebrate Sunday Funday in Shanghai? The answer is the corner of Changle Lu and Fumin Lu. There you will find Cantina Agave.

Kagen Teppanyaki: Everything, I Mean Everything Is Included

There was a time when teppanyaki was only 100RMB ($14) in Shanghai. It included beer, sushi, and more meat than you can imagine.

Dongtian Pho Shanghai: Maybe the One in Beijing Is Better

Once upon a time I wrote about Pho Peace Shanghai in Shanghai. The restaurant I reviewed, Pho Yum, is now closed.

Yu Garden Shanghai: Only Go for the Dumplings

Yu Garden Shanghai is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report. There I was, in the middle of Chinatown, only this wasn't San Francisco, New York, or Seattle. This was Chinatown, Shanghai. Yu Garden is...

World’s Greatest Skyline: The Best Views of Shanghai

Where can you find the best views of Shanghai? With buildings that are too tall, the answer is everywhere. Here are my favorites:

Fabric Market Shanghai Prices: How to Bargain (2019 Edition)

Who's the flyest Arab you know? The answer is TPOL.
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