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Home Residency Adios Puerto Rico, Hola Espana

Adios Puerto Rico, Hola Espana

Espresso? Beer? Both?: My Madrid Morning Routine

As I wrote in the post, Why A Second Residency?, I left Puerto Rico because I faced a daily battle of trying to do everything before the sun went down more or less around 6 PM throughout the year. Sleeping in is not an option. In Madrid, I could wake up every day whenever I wanted, knowing that there was always something to do regardless of the time.

El Clásico! Tickets, Game, Pre & Post Libations Guide

To 'live' in Madrid, means going to El Clásico, the showdown between two bitter rivals: Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Shogun Madrid: Hibiki, Kobe, & Wagyu

To cap off my local Asian food in Spain experience, I went to Shogun, an upscale Japanese BBQ.

Madrid Fiesta: Saturday Night in Huerta

What do you do when you finally leave the cozy neighborhood of Chamberí?

Espectacular Carne, Callos, Y Vino: Taberna El Rincon Madrid

Try this place. Hardcore madrileños only. No tourists. I challenge you to find better callos anywhere. The place has been there for like 100 years.

Mazál Bagels: NY in Madrid, Why Not in Puerto Rico?

When I see a place that sells NY bagels and mimosas, I have to stop in. 

Most Wanted: GUILTY Cookie Shop Madrid

I can say that the $14 price point for 4 cookies left me with no regrets.

¿Qué pasa, güey? Mexican Tacos in Madrid

Spending $40 on tacos in one night is justifiable. However, to eat the same amount of tacos every night at this price is impossible. Fortunately, Mexico City is included on my residency tour.

Tap to Pay Abroad: Beware of DCC

DCC is part of The Adios Puerto Rico, Hola España Trip Report. Read TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency? I once wrote an article about Hertz's Dynamic Currency Conversion tactic (see Dynamic Currency Conversion –...

A Taste of China, Hong Kong, and Japan…in Madrid

Today's installment of TPOL's Tastes comes from a fun restaurant called Torijrio, located in my Chamberí neighborhood, an area that I see no reason to leave.
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