Thursday, August 11, 2022

Athens Marathon Course Review

I came, I saw, I limped, I conquered though it did not go as smoothly or as quickly as my first marathon in Alaska which I completed in 3:54:13. This time I was suffering from tendonitis and could barely walk let alone run days before the race.

Athens Priority Pass Lounge Review

Priority Pass Lounges are hit or miss: Mexico City's was terrible but the one in London Gatwick was very nice. The Athens Priority Pass Lounge in Terminal A is called the Aristotle Onassis Lounge, a very fancy name for a lounge.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class DTW-LHR: Party in the Sky

Everything about Virgin Atlantic Upper class is a party. In fact, it was my favorite flight I've ever taken not because it was Emirates, Singapore, or Cathay quality, but because the passengers and cabin crew were like Janice in Account, they just don't give a F*ck. And that's a good thing.

Preview: Athens Marathon, Egypt Sprint, Abu Dhabi Luxury

This is the picture preview of the Trip Report Athens Marathon: The Original Course which includes the following cities: Toronto, Canada Detroit, Michigan  London, England Athens, Greece Giza, Egypt Cairo, Egypt Luxor, Egypt Sharm...

Lie-Flat Surprise: Etihad First Class A340 Cairo to Abu Dhabi

It is ironic to say that the relaxing start to my vacation was en route back to the US. The journey to Los Angeles began in Cairo aboard Etihad, stopped in Abu Dhabi for a night, and resumed the next day on the same carrier but different plane.

Sheraton Luxor Resort: Don’t Leave the 4th Floor

If you're going to the Sheraton Luxor Resort I hope you stay in room 408 which is the best room in the hotel. The club level is the only way to go as the service is absolutely terrible everywhere else. I'm going to go in reverse order and start with the ugly, proceed to the bad, and end up with the good.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis: Serve Yourself

"Where is the bar?" I asked the check-in hostess. She directed me to go to the back of the lounge where to my surprise I found two things: 1) A decent selection of alcoholic beverages 2) no bartender. I was expecting more from this lounge because Minneapolis is a hub for Delta. Compared to the Atlanta Sky Lounge which is one of the best lounges I have visited, this one was average.

Luxor Taxi Conclusion: It’s Impossible to Pay What You Paid

And now for the dramatic conclusion of my time in Luxor. Fed up with the swindlers, I passed out early yesterday from exhaustion. All I wanted to do was wake up, get in a taxi,...

Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge LHR: Call Me George Jetson

In the future we will cross the Atlantic on a flying machine, arrive before the start of the business day, and treat ourselves to an a la carte meal before heading to the office.

Etihad Premium Lounge: Before & After SSSS Security

Abu Dhabi airport allows American citizens to clear Immigration before they get to the United States. In theory, it's a convenient way for American travelers to deal with security before arriving in the US. In reality, it has a couple drawbacks. First, the Eithad Premium Lounge is located before Pre-Clearance, a factor that must be taken into account before having too many glasses of champagne at the lounge.
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