Thursday, July 9, 2020

Vdara: Fresh Meets Familiar

The trend now is to unVegas the Vegas experience. Hotels like the Delano, SLS, the new W, and the Vdara aim to provide a different Vegas vacation, one that Mr. Papagiorgio, almost twenty years later, would appreciate.

Vegas Knockout: What the $20 Trick Gets You at The Four Seasons

(6) Four Seasons vs (3) Encore  I'm going to call out all points collectors out there including myself as being frauds of the luxury lifestyle. While we all have taken showers at 30,000 feet aboard Emirates, have...

Vegas Knockout: Your usual table, Mr. Papagiorgio? The Mirage Las Vegas

(5) Mirage vs (4) Cosmopolitan  The Mirage is the best. It is centrally located, has an excellent pool, a decent nightclub, and an affordable room. I've stayed there multiple times and have yet to come away...

Excalibur Vegas: Not A Castle On The Cloud

What a s&*thole! Do not stay here. This hotel, to quote Charles Barkley, is turrible. The check-in for M Life Platinums is slow, the room is motel style with those sheets, and the entertainment is nonexistent.

Westin Las Vegas: Remodeled Review

I've reviewed the Westin Las Vegas before as part of my Vegas Knockout Series. Since then it has been remodeled. The highlights of the hotel include the 24 hour pool and hot tub, the breakfast buffet, and onsite Starbucks.

Vegas Knockout: Stardust vs Sahara (SLS), the Play-in Game

There are the days of Old Vegas. Think Tangiers Hotel, think The Rat Pack, think Moe Greene. Then there are the days of old Vegas. Think Riviera, think Stardust, think Sahara. The only one still standing...

Luxor Vegas: A Great Value in the Desert

Compared to my experience in Luxor, Egypt where I was ripped off at every corner, my two stays at the Luxor Casino in Vegas was much more positive. Let's start with my biggest gripe about Vegas, the hidden Uber pickup and drop off areas.

Vegas Knockout: Disqualification of the Priceline Pretenders

It's with a sense of deflation that I begin the Winner's Bracket of Where to Stay in Vegas because so many of these choices appear to be losers. But as my gamblaholic friend says, "There's...

Vegas Knockout: That’s Palazzo, That’s Palazzo

(12) Palazzo vs (5) Mirage  In Napoli where love is king When boy meets girl Here's what they sing When the moon hits your eye Like a big pizza pie, that's amore When the world seems to shine Like you've had...

Vegas Knockout: THEhotel Reads No Vacancy

(26) Riviera vs (7) THEhotel (Delano) What makes March Madness special are unexpected upsets whether it be (6) Michigan State vs (11) George Mason in 2006 or (6) Ohio State vs (11) Dayton in 2014.The same...
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