China Plate: Fantastic Chinese Food in Nairobi


On the road for weeks, I had a craving for Chinese food. Up to this point, everything I ate in Africa was delicious. Some of the best pizza I have ever had was in Zimbabwe. The only memorable bacon breakfast was in Zambia. If those were great then surely the Chinese food would be too. ‎I asked the hotel where to go and they recommended China Plate. The restaurant is near the hotel and is in the same building as the Chinese Embassy. This could mean that the restaurant caters to tourists and serves Western Chinese or that the food is authentic Chinese which isn’t as good as American Chinese (see Where can you find the best Chinese food in the world? Flint, motherf$@king, Michigan).

It ended up being a bit of both.

American Chinese

The Hot And Sour Soup
I’ve never had hot and sour soup in China and this one tasted like American carry-out.

Bang Bang Noodles
Never seen these in China but damn were they good.

Chinese Chinese Food

Gung Bao Chicken
There is ‎actually Kung Pao chicken in China though it is sounds like it is spelled on the menu.


Chicken Wings
Spicy chicken wings with chili peppers are an American favorite with a Chinese twist.

Fried Rice
Of course China has fried rice and so does America.


Tusker Beer
The beer is from Kenya and was my favorite African beer.


The food was excellent. Everything was devoured.


  1. Looks fantastic. Out of curiosity, how much time elapsed between your meal here and the onset of food poisoning symptoms during the safari?

    • Ah we thought of this one and it was more than 24 hours. Ms TPOL ate here too and the food was piping hot. The one thing she didn’t eat was the fruit welcome at SPG which was even longer.

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