Do You Take Photos of Your Rental Car?


My Rental Car is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

While many bloggers write Hotel Reviews, few take the time to laud their rental. That’s not fair to the vehicles that make adventures possible. That’s why I’m taking the time to say thank you to license plate CD 06 WE. For four days, the Toyota was my home, much like it was when I crossed the Salt Flats in Bolivia.

After spending intimate days on a croc tour, it was sad to say goodbye to my Toyota Rav 4. It was a love affair that almost didn’t happen. Although I am Hertz Gold courtesy of my SPG status, the agent tried to stick me with my original compact car booking. I had to remind her of my status before she upgraded me to this mid size SUV. All wheel drive is recommended if you’re going exploring as a compact would get swept away at the onset of a flash flood. 

Do you bond with your rental? Do you take pictures to commemorate the relationship?

So long Ra‎v!


  1. I always take a picture of the license plate- a lot of hotels and pay lots ask for the number and it’s a lot easier to read the picture on a phone than where it’s written in three point type on the key fob. I’ll also save a picture of the car from the front or side fi it’s an interesting vehicle or parked in an interesting location, but it’s not every time like from the back is

  2. I not only take pictures, I take a full continuous video. That way I have proof if they try to claim any damages when I turn it in.

  3. Of course I take pictures of every rental car I rent. Two years back, Enterprise tried to come after me for damage to one of their vehicles that I didn’t do. The “Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit” is quite possibly the worst group of people I’ve had the displeasure of having to deal with. The person assigned to your “case”is NEVER answers their phone nor are they ever available when someone else picks up, they never call back, they don’t respond to emails. So after a month of me fighting them, the case was closed against me as the proof I requested from them only proved I didn’t do it. They provided me with an invoice for repairs that was dated 6 weeks before I even rented the vehicle. It was idiotic and a clear money grab. It was a learning experience for sure and since then I document every vehicle I rent.

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