Do You Trust Condoleezza Rice? The College Football Playoff Selection Committee


In 1997, the University of Michigan split the National Championship with Nebraska, a misdeed that remains unpunished. Ironically, both programs are in shambles today.

In 1998, the BCS was launched as a way to prevent this from occurring because #1 would play #2 and it would be settled on the field. The flaws of this system are well documented.

In 2014, the NCAA introduced the 4 team playoff system which would save college football from the incomprehensible BCS formula and put smart, infallible humans in control by way of a selection committee.

This  12 member jury system would decide who should be included and who should be left out.

If you’re looking for fair and impartial, keep looking. If you are searching for informed and competent, do the same.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the ‘experts’ on the committee to show you why it is impossible for anyone to get a fair trial:

Tyrone Willingham: Fired from ND, fired from Washington: What does he know about winning as he is a perennial loser?

Tom Osborne: Good old Tommy hails from the aforementioned University of Nebraska who only received the split championship on account that his was retiring the same season.

Pat Haden: Here’s an example of his professionalism. Click here.

Condoleezza Rice: Here’s her interview on why the United States invaded Iraq.

After watching that, are we really supposed to trust her or anyone else on that selection committee to do the right thing?

Here’s what the rankings should be:

1. Florida State: At least the BCS would’ve gotten this right. Florida State should undoubtedly be ranked #1 as they are the only undefeated team.

2. Oregon/Alabama: Although it’s a coin toss as to whom should be #2 I’d give the slight edge to Oregon because they faced a tougher opponent in their championship game and also vindicated themselves convincingly from an earlier loss to Arizona.

3. Alabama: If this was the BCS, do you really think Oregon would go ahead of Alabama?

4. Baylor: Baylor has one loss, TCU has one loss. TCU lost to Baylor. Case closed.

If somehow, someway it was a toss up between TCU and OSU then using the fact set out in #4, TCU should go over crappy Ohio State because TCU lost to Baylor while OSU lost to Virginia Tech.

So again I ask you, do you trust Condoleezza Rice?

I certainly do not.

condoleezza rice the college football playoff committee
My disdain for Ohio State and my alumni status from the University of Michigan in no way affects the validity of my conclusion.


  1. It’s a problem for sure but…
    #1 Condie isn’t so bad and she is a huge football fan/geek. Wicked smart. She’s also a Notre Dame and University of Denver Alum with ties to Stanford I think so you know that’s not going to sway her toward one of the powerhouse teams.
    #2 As Missouri hater I have to disagree about them as being a weak against Alabama.
    #3 Florida State has a weaker schedule but I would give them props on being undefeated. They should mostly like be #1

    I’d go FSU, Bama, Oregon, Baylor, TCU in that order.

  2. Have to agree with DaninMCI, Condi is super smart, and most people don’t realize she’s a huge football fan, both pro and college. She said she would have liked to be NFL commissioner after she was done at the White House. I think she might be one of the better picks on the committee – not likely to be biased in favor of one team.

    I think you can dislike her politics but still like her as a committee member, much like you might not like a movie/music stars’ politics but can still appreciate them as an actor/singer.

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