Fair Or Foul? Cutting Your Hair in a Hotel Room


This question is directed at my bald friend and fellow Boarding Area blogger, Lee of Bald Thoughts.

Is it fair or foul to cut your hair in a hotel bathroom to spare yourself the trouble of the clean up?

In 2004, I rocked the wicked Ben Wallace fro to support my Detroit Pistons who won the championship that year and then blew it against the Spurs. Then they traded Chauncey…

Fear the fro
Fear the fro

In 2005, I started law school. In an attempt to save money, I used to grow out said fro and then cut it down to 3mm when it got out of hand. (You should see my driver license picture.) I repeated this process for sometime until I found it even more economical to cut my own hair. Twelve years later, I’m still using clippers and hoping that I did not miss a spot.

And now back to the ethical dilemma. The problem with cutting your own hair is the mess that it produces. I’ve tried devices to make it less messy but they do not work.

This is a real thing.
This is a real thing.

At a hotel, I take care to put a towel on the sink and attend to my business. I then wrap that towel up nicely and put it on the floor. I hope that housekeeping will pick up the care package and not have it go all over the place.

Fair or foul?


  1. Of all people, why not go for a local experience. It costs a fraction of what you’d pay in the US (think $2) and you’re contributing to the local economy. Plus, it can be wonderfully entertaining.

  2. i’m a hairy beast. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again with no change in results. hair grows back. so just let it go…and grow.

    it’s like mowing a yard. pointless.

    speaking of points, or, more precisely periods…put this one to the right of the closed parenthesis :

    “(You should see my driver license picture~~~~.)~~~~”

  3. This may initially sound like a good idea, Alex; but I personally do not like to see any hairs embedded in a towel I use in a hotel room, as I find that unsanitary — and hair can easily be embedded enough in a towel that no mechanical device is powerful or efficient enough to extract it…

    …and good luck getting someone to manually pluck hairs out of a towel.

    The newspaper idea offered by D is probably a better solution — but I have to say that you look a little too happy with that thing you are wearing in the bottom photograph…

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