Fancy French Food? Choose Street Food In Marseille Instead


I love to eat. I especially love to eat authentic local cuisine. I’m not talking about the incomparable Olive Garden Times Square or the bistro, McDonald’s (said in French accent) in Paris. I’m talking about something more holy. I’m talking about street food.

From Barbados to Trinidad to Sicily to stops in between, I have been unapologetically eating like a fat man on this Round The Atlantic Tour. That did not stop in Marseille where I had pizza and kebab and more pizza and kebab. I know what you’re thinking, pizza isn’t street food and kebab is available anywhere in the world. While I agree with you and have written about the Top Places to Get Kebab(p), the pizza and kebab were special. I’m not sure if it was the dough in the pizza or the spice in the kebab, but I couldn’t get enough.

Located on 24 Rue des Feuillants in a diverse neighborhood of Marseille is Pizza Charly. The line was long but worth the wait. Not far from there is Istanbul City Kebab which is on 22 Cours Belsunce. Grab a table, order kebab, and watch the people go by.



The next best area for street food was outside of the Orange Vélodrome football stadium. After attending a match, a sound strategy is to run to the nearest vendor, load up on pizza and kebab, and make a mad dash for the metro. I made the mistake of sampling too many vendors and ended up in a massive queue on the way back to the city center. Alternatively, you could take your time and try more places while the crowd dissipates.

Even though Marseille is known for its bouillabaisse, when I return, I will spend less of my time fine dining and more time on the street. And you should too.



  1. Are my eyes deceiving me; or are those not your nemeses known as tomatoes under that sauce and in that salad?

    Is that half of an anchovy, olive and tomato sauce cheeseless pizza I see in the second photograph from the top?

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