En Route: Iberia’s Domestic Lounge Madrid


Iberia Business Class Lounge Madrid is part of the Still The Best Trip Report.

I remain convinced that the signs in Madrid airport are meant to confuse passengers (see Connecting in Madrid? Pack Extra Time & Connecting in Madrid: Pack Extra Time Part II). I went in circles trying to find the Iberia Dali Lounge.

When I finally found it, I was impressed with its size and what it offered given that it services domestic flights.


Like Iberia’s international business class lounge (see Iberia Velázquez Premium Lounge: Good, Not Great), I found my favorite red chair. It’s private and comfortable. I was able to catch up on my sleep after too much vino on my flight over (see Iberia San Juan to Madrid: Una Vez Mas).

There are plenty of other places to sit including the bar area.


I had enough Rioja on the flight and did not want any beer. I tried to have Cavas but ended up settling on bottled Coke Zero.


The breakfast was lighter than what was offered in the business class lounge. I was disappointed that there was no Tortilla de patatas.

At any other hour, this would’ve been a gold mine.


This was a nice place to relax and refuel before my flight to Tenerife.


  1. Come on, now! Couldn’t even manage to slam a single Mahou?! I know you put a hurting’ on ’em in flight on the way in, but when it’s self-serve booze it’s your time to shine!

    Seriously though, good article and pics. Looks like a really nice domestic lounge, and not crowded. Wish I could reliably access something like this in the states.

  2. This lounge has one of the better liquor offerings for a Schengen lounge. Really good Gin (Oxley), Grey Goose, nice selection of darker liquor. All self serve. They have much better food selection in PM and Evenings.

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