Iberia San Juan to Madrid: Una Vez Mas


Iberia San Juan Madrid Business is part of the Still The Best Trip Report.

How many times have I flown Iberia business to or from Puerto Rico? Let me link the ways:

It is remarkable that in only 8 hours, I can go from a tiny island back to my inaugural residency, Madrid (see TPOL in Madrid: Why A Second Residency?).

The flight went as follows:


For some reason, I did not have a seat assignment. My ticket read ‘Zone 4’ boarding. At the gate, I began to worry and wonder what happens if business was full and they put me back in coach? Could this be another trip that starts off on the wrong foot (see Booking Bangkok After Vietnam Failure)?

It did not. I was in 1J.

Pre-Boarding Champagne

There was no pre-flight champagne. There was only agua or orange juice.

It could be worse, I could be flying Frontier (see Not Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Sucks).

Coming to America

I am not one for movies on a plane. Usually, I am blog writing or sleeping. However, I could not pass up on my favorite movie of all time.


The wine finally appeared along with a mozzarella and tomato plate.


I ordered the steak and mashed potatoes. It was edible but not spectacular.

Too Much Rioja? 

I unnecessarily went through a full bottle of wine. I say unnecessarily because there is no reason to start a trip groggy or worse, hungover. This is especially true for short long-haul flights.

Probably no reason for cheese either.


I ordered a Puerto Rican favorite, tres leches before falling asleep.


I missed breakfast and woke up as we were landing in Madrid.


Iberia is consistently great and convenient.


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