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Friday, July 19, 2024
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JetBlue Business Approved! Yes, Alexander Bachuwa Owns Bachuwa Law

This was the hardest I had to work for a credit card approval since my Wells Fargo Propel card (see Wells Fargo Card: The Most Resilient Reconsideration Call(s) Ever). At first, I was rejected because I had sufficient credit with Barclays (see Surprise Reason for JetBlue Business Card Rejection). Then I called in to lower my credit line (see Still Working JetBlue Business Card Approval). I received a letter stating that I needed to supply proof that Bachuwa Law was a real business. “Proof that this is a real business!” I exclaimed. I wanted to call in and say, “Do you know how many members of the points game invent businesses just to get the business version of your card?” Instead, I sent over a copy of my EIN, my certificate of good standing as a NY lawyer, and my website, It does not get anymore legitimate than that.

Was I approved? No. I received another rejection letter. The reason for the rejection was stranger than the first. Bizarrely, it said “business owner.” I called Barclays and was told that I needed to provide my LLC agreement. To which I said, “I don’t have an LLC agreement with myself.” The agent was confused and put me on hold. The call dropped. I called back and spoke to another agent. He verified that he received the documents and visited the website. He then put me on hold. After a few minutes, he returned to tell me that I was approved. He also said the reason for the rejection was that I had put Arizona as my home address, so the analysts were looking for my LLC in Arizona. Obviously, they could not find it there.

All is well that ends with points!

Now, will that card get forwarded from Scottsdale to PR to my PO Box? I was unable to update my mailing address because the card was just approved.



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