Live From Jakarta! Garuda’s 90% Off Sale, 100% Unavailable


The sale of the decade, everything must go, better than my first orgasm, were words used to describe Garuda’s 90% off sale. For those of you from Michigan, it was akin to Mr. Allen’s 29 or 2 for 50 promotions. Sure the numbers sound great, but can you really get those pumped up kicks?
I’ll tell you what I got. I got nothing. And the reason was not because I could not get through to an agent. I bypassed that problem and went straight to Garuda’s ticket office in Jakarta. I waited in the DMV queue for my number to be called. I approached the agent with my dream routing and the days I wanted to go.

At first I was looking for two long-haul first-class tickets from Jakarta to Europe and vice versa in May. I quickly expanded the search from any day in February through any day through end of May. Then I said let’s drop the number of tickets to one. Then I said let’s forget about long-haul. Then I said let’s try long-haul business. Then I said let’s try island hopper short of the short haul. Then I said, “Is there anything in economy?”

When it was all said and done, I had no great options. One business class ticket from Jakarta to Mumbai, two business class tickets from Hong Kong to Jakarta, and a few economy choices from “it’s just not worth it” to…

Since I was in Jakarta, I could buy the points directly from the ticket office and it would have only cost me a few hundred dollars to go from Hong Kong to Jakarta in business then Jakarta to Sydney in economy. That’s a good deal…if I lived in Asia. But I don’t and I can’t get excited about a 5 hour flight in business no matter how great the service is. Surprisingly, even I have better things to do than fly halfway around the world for some bubbles.

It was a fun coincidence to be in Jakarta when news of this sale broke. I do not mind that I spent my entire afternoon trying to capitalize on this deal. Even though there was some deals to be had, I came for the prime cuts and refused to settle for the bread crumbs.

Anyone you know get a first-class long haul flight on sale?

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  1. There were seats every single day from Jakarta – Amsterdam. I have one on hold. Problem is I dont know how to buy the miles and ticket this thing form the US

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