Malaysia Airlines: Business Class Review in SE Asia 


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It’s hard to write about flying Malaysia Airlines without thinking about the tragedy of MH 370. Following my CNN interview, my new best friend, Richard Quest, was kind enough to send my father and sister an autographed copy of his book on the subject. Even with all the experts weighing in, the mystery remains unsolved.

From a business perspective, it is interesting to see how Malaysia Airlines has responded to both 370 and 17. The carrier services much of SE Asia so it is too big to fail. At the same time, it’s impossible to ignore what has happened.

With no easy way to transition, here is a quick review of my flight from BKK-KUL and KUL-CGK.



The Staff

The flight attendants couldn’t be nicer. They greeted me warmly and constantly checked in on me even though both flights were brief.

The Champagne

Is this what flight reviews have come to? Indeed they have and I will say that the champagne was not good.


The Food

I didn’t eat from BKK-KUL but had a nice breakfast from KUL-CGK.

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The Seat

It was a typical business class short-haul seat. I passed on both flights due to exhaustion of too many legs and not enough proper rest.



I could lie and say that I didn’t think of 370 while flying Malaysia. It wasn’t on my mind because I was worried about safety. It’s impossible not think about how a 777 can go missing and, years later, still not be found. Besides that, it was a typical business class experience.


  1. Say… Isn’t champagne supposed to have bubbles? No wonder it was bad.
    On a separate note, did you see that Dan with PWAC wrote a post regarding your Should Urchins be Permitted in the Lounge post. Unsurprisingly as the father of six (SIX!), he didn’t agree either on your less is more post or your conclusion.

  2. Well I am flying with them every other week and never thought about it besides right after it happened. I think the mystery about this plane is there, just I don’t see why it would be connected to MAS since it could have happened to any other airline operating a 777 as well.

    What is the real thing that I think about is: champagne? MAS stopped serving alcohol on flights under 3h a while ago so I am really really surprised they served it for you.

      • Yeah I just read about it. It’s sad for the people involved but it had to happen at some point.

        In the end it is as with many things in Malaysia, since I’m living here you somewhat get used to shit and things disappearing for good without explanation on a daily level. Obviously with a big plane and the lives involved that is a lot harder to take as with some billions of dollars intended to develop the country (1mdb).

        I’m pretty confident sooner or later it will be discovered, or if we wanna trust the conspiracy theories in some decades we will know what happened anyway.

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