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Friday, July 19, 2024
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McDonald’s Paris: Fine French Cuisine on My Birthday

Hungry, I asked the PH where to go to get late night food. He recommended a place that was some fancy French version of The Cheesecake Factory. The prices were outrageous. Everything was 50 euros plus. As soon as we sat down, we saw the bright lights of freedom. There was a McDonald’s half a block away.  In a stealth move, Ms. TPOL left and I followed suit. ‎I entered this establishment of fine dining and found it packed with Parisians. If it’s good enough for locals, it’s good enough for me. Similar to my experience at the Olive Garden NYC, I knew I had made the right dining choice.

I used the automated machine and placed my order. One day, this clever creation is going to cost fast food workers their job. That day was not today as I had the same pin problem that I had at the train station. No matter, I went up to the counter and ordered. Moments later I was back in the Uber and at the PH showcasing the treasure I’ve found.

a room with tables and chairs and a stained glass ceiling
Cheesecake Factory

a screen shot of a computer a screen with food on it a fast food restaurant with a green screen a bed with food and drinks on it a group of fast food boxes on a bed



  1. Wow that’s amazing! I kept asking my friend to go to McD/BK in Europe and Hawaii but he wouldn’t!

    Happy bday kiddo! <3

  2. My personal favorite at Mickey D’s is the bulgogi burger in Seoul. Majorly yummy. Beware the international happy meal toys. My wife says that they often suck, but that just be the luck of the gwai.

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