Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (Day 3): Geysers, Hot Springs, and Chile

For those just joining, here’s what you’ve missed:

Day 1: The extraordinary adventure of the salt flats and the salt hotel.
Day 2: Driving around in the Land Cruiser taking in the scenery.

Now back to the story:

Grouchy, the six dwarfs woke up at 4:30AM and prepared for the final leg of this grueling journey which would end at the Chilean border.  We loaded the car and were on our way. The first stop was the geyser. It was absolutely freezing cold and windy but I had to get out to take some pictures. Like the day before, the photos were snapped and I jumped back in the car.
The next stop was the hot springs. It was a bold move to get out of the car, undress, and go for a soak. The water was a perfect 35 celsius but the temperature outside felt like 35 fahrenheit. After 30 minutes, the guide indicated that it was time to go.
With no towel, I jumped out and risked frostbite while trying to dry off with my alpaca sweater. Cold, I ran to the car and off we went. Along the way, we stopped to take pictures of the beautiful mountains and a green lagoon. Again, the protocol was snap, snap and get back inside. 
At 8:30AM, we arrived at the border where a wind storm was in full effect. After waiting outside for a few moments, our passports were stamped and we were on our way to Chile. 

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