Simply The Best: TPOL Turns четыре, 四, أربعة, cuatro, 4!


Friends, comrades, pengyou, sadiq, amigos, TPOL turned 4 today. Before I get to the celebration, let’s revisit how I got here.

What started off as a book promotion has turned into a full-time hobby.
The necessary thanks for the supporters are in order as is my gratitude for the commentators, angry and otherwise, who keep me accountable for my posts.
1000 posts for TPOL in a little over two years is a reason to celebrate. Not including this post, I have written 382,065 words, all of which are devoid of grammatical errors, pronunciation issues, and bad English.
Three years ago I started this blog to promote my book, Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong. At that time, I thought I would become a famous writer and that blogging would be temporary. I’m not quite Hemingway yet, but the blog has come a long way. Back then, I would be excited if I got 100 views in a day. To date, I have posted 1326 times, written more than 500,000 words, have had more than 500,000 visitors, and over a million views. The highlight thus far was my appearance on CNN.

Which brings us to today, March 19, 2018. Like 2017, it’s Michigan tourney time. Like years past, I’m still trying to become a prominent author, not by vlogging but by writing. When I first started, I was trying to find my voice. Sometimes I was funny, sometimes I was serious, and sometimes I was trying too much to fit in. Now, I write what I want, how I want, but not when I want. To that end, I am trying to post at least twice a day because it is rewarding to look back each year and review what I have done.

For those that love TPOL, I thank you for reading and will do my best to Make Blogging Great Again by not changing. For those that dislike TPOL, your comments are always welcome [in the trash]. And for those that are getting to know me, know that points travel is all fun and games until you have to fly coach.

Happy Birthday TPOL!



  1. Congratulations! I like the pictures. The one with the balloons certainly isn’t your best, but the last one is great. I can just picture the caption: “But officer, I only had one drink.”
    Totally unrelated, how long should I wait for your Amex referral?

    • If it isn’t here this week, I’ll call. Guessing you checked spam box?

      Agreed on the balloon pic but I used the pics from the old posts.

  2. Given the whole retrospective thing, I was trying to see your reviews on Cambodia, since I’m planning my trip for next January, but the links don’t seem to work. I realize that Sihanoukville will have changed a lot, but I’d still really like to see what you have to say, as well as Siem Riep. How do I go about seeing the posts?

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