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Monday, July 15, 2024
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They Call Me Mr. Fete: St. Lucia Carnival Intro

St. Lucia Carnival is part of the They Call Me Mr. Fete Trip Report.

Some people say the happiest day of their lives is the birth of their child. I say the happiest day is dancing among strangers in carnival (see Last Minute Trinidad Carnival Guide! Everything You Need to Know And Stuff You Will Figure Out On Your Own!). Indeed there is a song called Happiest Man Alive which revolves around carnival and soca.

Last year, I tried to rediscover the carnival magic in Jamaica but came away unimpressed (see TPOL Goes to Candy Land). This year, I resumed my quest for Trini elation by going to St. Lucia. I leave in less than a week and am still sorting out how I can pull it off at the last-minute and be Olympic ready the week after (see Intro: The Gold Medal Trip Report). So far, I have my flight booked and 3/5 hotel nights covered. I’ll figure it out or my name isn’t Mr. Fete.

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Jamaica 2023

TPOL’s Tip: Jamaica is best celebrated with my favorite music: Dancehall.



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