TPOL’s New Home Is Taipei? Vote 现在


It started off as a fun idea when I wrote Vote Where TPOL Moves Next! And I’ll Go There. Now it’s turned into a viral poll that is taking the world by storm. The current leader is Porto, Portugal but Taipei is not too far behind. I’ve been to Taipei before and enjoyed it. It’s the best place to practice Mandarin because Taiwanese people do not have a local dialect like Shanghainese which is impossible to understand.

Here’s the list of places I will actually go followed by the poll:

#CityCountryCost of Living per monthTemperature in December (Celsius)Internet Speed (mbps)SafetyNomad Score

4Las Palmas, Gran CanariaSpain$1420212485%91%
5BragaPortugal $1343153982%93%
8Ko SamuiThailand$1400301580%86%
9Lisbon Portugal$1949151180%78%
W Taipei.
W Taipei. I could be happy(ier) here.


  1. No, Taiwan speaks a combination of Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, throw in some English words, and some Japanese slangs. It is a bloody mess, and as a pure Mandarin speaking (Taiwan born and raised) person, I get questions as to where I am from when I visit.

  2. As a foreigner, you may cycle (or motorcycle) Taiwan sound and safe. Taiwan’s Hinet has 光世代光纖上網1G/600M which is like Google FIBER:)

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