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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Travel Lesson Lisbon: Friend Reunion Led to Missed Flight

Missed Flight Lisbon is part of the Still The Best Trip Report. Read all of TPOL’s Travel Lessons.

What a trip this has been. After my issue in Cabo Verde (see Stuck on a Deserted Island? TPOL’s Trouble in Cabo Verde), I was happy to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal. I checked into the Hyatt Regency Lisbon and once again was confused as to why I would need a suite when I’m only staying for one night.

After a workout with my mobile gym (see Travel Gym: Auster Ropes, Inertia Wave, Push-Up Parallettes), I was ready to meet up with my friend whom I had not seen since I lived in Shanghai in 2010.

The first stop was a rooftop bar where a bottle of wine was enjoyed. The next was a burger restaurant for ‘authentic’ Portuguese food. The third was a park bench for more libations. The fourth was the infamous Cais-do-Sodré, the Pink Street, (see Pop In Pub Crawl: Lisbon, Portugal). The fifth was another bar.

By the time I returned to my room, I knew I was in trouble. My flight was at 6:15AM. I knew if I took a few moments to sleep, I would miss my flight, yet the resistance to nap was too strong.

When I woke up, my first call was to LifeMiles to book another flight. My next move was on the Hyatt app to extend this suite stay.

TPOL’S TIP: If you’re seeing your friend for the first time in 13 years, don’t make plans for the day after.

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