Travelers Century Club: 18 Countries till 100!


Do you travel to find inner peace, the best kebabthe best pho, or the best piña colada? Do you travel because you like the lounge, the champagne, and the flight more than the destination? Do you travel to spite your friends who are stuck in the cubicle, refusing to heed your advice on how to become an entrepreneur? Do you travel to boast about how many countries you have visited?

I know I do. And today, while doing some blogging maintenance I thought I would tabulate how many ‘countries, territories, parcels of land’ that I have been fortunate enough to see. The grand total is 82, 18 short of joining the Travelers Century Club.

If checking off countries and collecting passport stamps was my only passion, I could have reached 100 already but I rather enjoy going back to places like Shanghai and doing nothing. Still, the prospect of getting to that magical number of 100 is a goal that I hope to accomplish sooner than later.

Who’s beating me in the country count challenge? I know my friend Brent who hates the TCC isn’t!

I spray you with spite
I spray you with kindness


  1. i ripped through 73 countries on my bike, which means you’re winning…

    that was a disturbing photo. my appetite is not found, but lost. ha!

    ~~~~”I rather enjoy going back to places like Shanghai and doing nothing.”~~~~ : sometimes doing nothing is the best something to do. hells yeah.

    very good grammar today. i’m proud of you.

    • I had to hold out for one late addition to your care package…manana en la manana it will be sent…maybe ill splurge for tracking too.

  2. dude, you ‘da man!

    gotta ask…is you gonna include a lounge pass? reason being, i fly out of ATL on 2 nov for my mom’s surprise bday in MCO. and…ahem…i been sober for way too long and…well…i’ll drink the well stuff, what-do-i-care if it fo’ free??!! top shelf, bottom shelf…if it 40%, who cares?!

    obviously, no worries if not, just curious.

    someday, we gotta meet.

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