Blog Giveaway Random Winner Selection! That’s not Kebab!


In today’s Blog Giveaway nobody guessed the location of the picture correctly. Actually, most people commented that the photo was one of kebab, inspiring me to post where in the world you can find the best kebab. That should be reward enough on its own. However, choosing the location of the picture isn’t as valued as your participation. That’s why I’m going to pick a random winner from the respondents and help him or her plan their trip to the Maldives or maybe a place that’s not so points-centric like Buzios, Brazil.

While the picture is not of kebab, it is, like kebab, delicious.

the best kebab

The preparation of trompo in Monterrey, Mexico.

the best kebab
Si, Mexico.
Doesn’t get better than trompo and tacos.


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