Sunday, January 29, 2023

Master Bargainer: TPOL’s TIPS for Shopping Abroad

There's nothing worse than haggling to buy something you like, only to find out that you overpaid. There's nothing worse than the gut-punch feeling from finding out that I paid more than someone else.

Fake Market Shanghai: 2019 Pricing Guide

Fake Market Shanghai is part of the TPOL in Shanghai Trip Report. The days of going to the fake market at Chengdu Lu and Nanjing Xi Lu are over. Shanghai has cleaned up its act,...

Fabric Market Shanghai Prices: How to Bargain (2019 Edition)

Who's the flyest Arab you know? The answer is TPOL.

New Orleans Jazz Fest: Ticket Scalping Primer

Whether you are going to Jazz Fest to dance or whether you are going for the food like I did (see New Orleans: Ultimate Food & Drink Guide), you are going to need tickets to get in the door.

Do You Tip UberEATS? I Didn’t

Maybe I should switch to Disqus before posting this instead of having the comments be a free for all to submit. But since the readers are sending me to Albania anyway, I don't think...

Ohio State vs. Michigan: Advanced Ticket Scalping

Que desastre. That's all I can say about Michigan's poor performance against Ohio State yet again. Like last year's tragedy in Columbus, Michigan blew another opportunity to beat an overrated OSU team. Last year, I...

Machu Picchu: The Souvenir Pricing Guide

After arriving on Perurail, you might be eager to get to the top. Because of the crowds, I decided to take some time and buy some souvenirs. The shops all offer the same things,...

No More Bribes in Vegas? What Happened to This Place?

I was looking for something to do on a Monday in Vegas. It used to be that there were many options. Now there are only a few. A Google search lead me to the website,...

Michigan Ohio State: A Case Study in Ticket Scalping

The book of Revelation describes the end of days where good will battle evil once and for all. A glimpse of this fight will take place on November 26, 2016 when the hopefully undefeated Wolverines...

Shanghai Fabric Market: What Is Friend Price?

TPOL is the best bargainer. Period. That's the attitude you need when you enter the tailor market at Liujiubang Lu. There's nothing more fun than spending a Saturday afternoon picking out shirts, suits, and button combinations. Sometimes the suits end up looking like something from Star Trek.
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