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Saturday, May 18, 2024
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The Time New York: A Hidden Hyatt Hotel

The Time New York is part of the TPOL in NYC Trip Report.

Getting There: Getting from and to JFK is a pain. While Uber is absurdly priced at over $100 (see JFK AirTrain: Why Mess with Uber to Manhattan?), the cheaper options aren’t convenient. To get to the Time New York, I took Airtrain to Jamaica Station to the LIRR to Penn Station and then the 1 train to 50th Street.

Entrance The hotel lobby is on the second floor. To get there, take the elevator from the main entrance. If you have any questions, use the antique phone.

a building with glass doors

a gold pedestal with a telephone on it

a black telephone on a gold table

Double Petite Room

I booked the cheapest room I could find. Here, it was the double petite room. Unfortunately, I was upgraded to a king deluxe so I cannot write about it. I asked the front desk what I would have received. He said a very cozy room with a double bed.

King Deluxe

These Hyatt boutique hotels are wonderful. The small quirks make them unique (see Grayson NYC: Stay for the Revival Bedding). At The Time New York, I liked the glass closet but can’t say I cared for the TV in the mirror. Functionally, it does not work well when the curtains aren’t drawn.

a bedroom with a bed and a chair

a glass case with a dress on it

a bed with a chair and a mirror

a room with a bed and a chair

a mirror on a wall

a mirror on a wall

a group of bottles and cans on a table

a small table with a glass light fixture from the ceiling

a city with many tall buildings


The pressure was better than the Grayson, but I have to wonder why there is the option to shower in scalding hot water.

a bathroom with a round mirror and a toilet

a shower head in a bathroom

a group of small bottles with labels

Wine Hour

From 5-6PM there is a wine and cheese hour. The concept was cool but the Malbec was warm.

a bar with chairs and a counter

a bar with a row of stools and a table with bottles

a plate of cheese and grapes

a plate of cheese and bread on a table with a glass of wine

Overall I would stay here again but I am also curious to see what other Hyatt boutique hotels are like.

a city street with cars and people
Times Square
a city street with many buildings and signs
Still the worst place to be in NYC.
a street sign on a street corner
But convenient for work.


  1. Mid-town west is the epicenter of the destruction of NYC’s commercial real estate sector.

    It used to be the safest place in NYC, and there were lots of great restaurants, people thronging the streets, energy.

    If I was visiting and wanted/needed to stay in a midtown Hyatt, I would choose (in this order, if wanting to get the best deal): The Grayson, The Grand Hyatt, Andaz 5th Avenue, Centric Times Square. The Time New York would be my last choice.

    Travel Tip: Take JFK AirTran to Jamaica and then take the LIRR to Grand Central. Not only is the new LIRR station at GCT gorgeous (mostly unused/empty) it is also convenient to all the hotels listed here, including and especially Centric TS and The Time. You can go to Penn Station but it’s 15 blocks of navigating street people from The Time, give or take depending on where you exit Penn.

  2. I stay at the cheapest option. I have not stayed at the Grand Hyatt but when I come in just for the day, I have made use of their bathroom to change like Superman. I have reviewed the others on the list.

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