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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Keep vs. Cancel (Proactive Edition): Capital One Venture X

I received my Capital One Venture X card two months ago in June (Capital One Venture X Approved: First Time Ever). So why am I writing a Keep vs. Cancel post already? Because, barring a ‘card enhancement,’ there is no way I’m going to cancel this card. Here’s why:

As part of my Still The Best Trip Report, I needed to book a flight from Tenerife to Cabo Verde (see Can You Tell Me How to Get to Cabo Verde?). The cost of the flight the dumb way was $1,445. The cost of the flight the quick way was $434. Booking directly on, I was able to use the $300 travel certificate and keep my out-of-pocket cost down.

Another advantage of the card is access to Priority Pass Lounges. For the past few years, my membership with Priority Pass would lapse on account of churning cards. That always created the annoying situation of having to register a new membership, something I would leave until the last minute (Priority Pass Registration: Remember Not to Forget).

The next perk is the earning rates on the card. While most cards are only good for the minimum spend, the Venture X offers 5X on flights booked on, and 2X on everything else. On top of that, there’s a 10k points retention offer every year.

All of this is in addition to the welcome bonus. I only received 75k because I was too impulsive to wait for the 100k offer to return.

What’s in your satchel? a map of the ocean



  1. I haven’t gotten the personal card yet but the 10,000 points a year along with the rest makes this a good one to hang on to.

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