Sunday, January 29, 2023

VIDEO: Battle Ropes in Puerto Rico!

Disclaimer: I get paid if you use my affiliate links. That's as direct as it gets.  Battle Ropes is part of the Dronin! Trip Report. Hi kids! Do you like violence? Wanna see me stick Nine inch Nails...

Turkey Run 2020: Race Results

Year 3 of Turkey Running is in the books and each year I improve (see Puerto Rico Turkey Run: TPOL Wins, Then Trolls & Cyberbully? TPOL’s Puerto Rico Turkey Trot (2nd Edition)). My nemesis from...

No Turkey Trot This Year, But Still Thankful for Trolling

No Turkey Trot is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report and The Covid Trip Report. For two years, TPOL has been dominating the competition at the Turkey Trot race in Puerto Rico....

TPOL’s Travel & Fitness Intro

Travel & Fitness Intro is part of The Lost & Found Year(s): Covid Trip Report. They took away the gym. TPOL had two choices: 1) Get happy fat. 2) Swear off the gym evermore while...

COVID Workout: TRX, Of Course

COVID Workout TRX is part of The Lost & Found Years(s) Trip Report. Disclaimer: TPOL gets paid if you purchase TRX goods using my link.  I am going gym free in 2020 out of necessity and...

Peloton: Work-Out from Home

One way to get away from it all without leaving my house is to hop on my Peloton. At first, I was skeptical about the bike.

New Star Spa Shanghai: It’s a Lounge Without the Flight

This was a great discovery. It was like being in a lounge and flying first class without going anywhere.

Z & B Fitness: TRX Training in Shanghai

I used to pretend I would workout when I traveled. There was a time when I TRX'd in Tahiti. I have given up on that plan.

Cyberbully? TPOL’s Puerto Rico Turkey Trot (2nd Edition)

Puerto Rico Turkey Trot is part of the TPOL Moves to PR Trip Report. While the rest of you were asleep, I was up at 4AM AST prepping for the Puerto Rico Turkey Run. Last...

Who Runs Miami Beach?

Who Runs Miami Beach is part of the Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report. On Real Sports with Bryant Gumble, there was a story about a man called the Raven who ran eight miles every day...
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