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Thursday, June 20, 2024

TPOL Is Down

I apologize for breaking my word and not posting an out-of-the-office message (see TPOL Opens M-F at 10:07AM EST), though I have been using those too frequently lately. This time I wasn’t traveling. Instead, I was hopping all over Puerto Rico from hospital to hospital seeking medical treatment. While cruising to the tennis finals at the Rio Mar Classic, I heard a loud pop. I thought someone had hit a tennis ball in my direction. I looked back, saw nothing, and fell to the ground. I tried to stand up but it seemed like something was missing from my right leg. The MRI confirmed that it was my Achilles. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. Please use the Go Make Fun of Me Page to blast me for putting myself into another lockdown. I’ll be back like my colleagues, including LA Rams Cam Akers, in no time. In the interim, pardon the interruption.

a doctor bandaging a patient's leg



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