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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Bills Lose, But Who Can Afford Super Bowl Tickets?

In 1991 I said, “There’s always next year.” In 2022, I am saying the same. After the Bills lost in one of the best games I have seen, I was dejected but relieved. Dejected because the OT rules are silly. Each team should be afforded the opportunity to go on offense, especially when neither defense could make stops. Relief came from knowing that I didn’t need to refinance my villa to pay for tickets to the Super Bowl and because I’m too injured to travel to Los Angeles (see TPOL Is Down). Out of curiosity, I checked the prices and was shocked at what I found.

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Who can afford to pay $37,000 for two tickets? Even the ‘cheap’ ones are going for 10k each. Assume the Bills make it to the Super Bowl one day and assume that they actually win. I don’t think I’ll be rejoicing in the stands knowing that I paid that much to watch a football game. Corporate sponsors aside, there’s no way the average NFL fan is paying this much. There must be a way to hack my way into a Super Bowl. What am I missing?



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  1. The superbowl, world series, etc. usually isn’t filled with typical fans. It’s usually fair weather fans that either can afford to go or known someone. The fees on the tickets are the real crime in your example.

  2. I went to the super bowl in Miami in 2020. Before the AFC championship we secured flights for $210 nonstop MCI to MIA knowing they were refundable under the 24 hour rule. I used HGVC points to stay in the South Beach HGVC in a 2BR condo. And as a season ticket holder, our seats were selected in the season ticket member lottery. Face value was ~$1900. It’s not a guarantee but it’s one way to attend without paying $37k. We’re using the same strategy for LA.

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