I’m Still Not Going to Tulum


For the last two years, I have chronicled how I went from world explorer to in-basement loser (see The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip Report & Punxsutawney TPOL). In 2021 I was supposed to go to Vegas but backed out (see No Vegas for TPOL). That entry yielded snark on Twitter since no one cares about trips that I don’t take. And since I don’t care about what Twitter folks think, I am following up to say that I am no longer going to Tulum this weekend thanks to my injury (see TPOL Is Down).

Last year I swore I would not go to Tulum (see Air TPOL Retiring From Travel) because it’s for travel amateurs. This year I changed my mind because Covid restrictions continue to dominate our lives (see Covid Test to Enter Puerto Rico: Another Asinine PolicyYour Papers, Please: NY, The Lame Apple), and Mexico is one of the few places that has canceled Covid. I document this travel interruption so that one day I can reflect on this period of time, appropriately called “The Lost & Found Years.”

Cancun Spring Break 2001

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