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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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$300 Delta Damaged Luggage Payment: Fair?

My first stop on the Bula! Fiji Hub Trip Report was Michigan. I flew Delta Premium Economy. While the Wi-Fi was good, I was not impressed with how they handled my luggage (see Delta Damaged Bag Premium Economy Flight Review).

a broken suitcase with a handle

I submitted a claim to Delta and months later they offered me $300. I tried to negotiate for more because my tennis racket was damaged. I sent them a receipt for its repair. Since I did not have a photo of it damaged, they rejected my claim. Ultimately, I accepted the $300 and can’t say I am too upset about it. What do you think?



  1. Did you also get back the fee you paid to check in the bag?

    Looks like a polycarbonate plastic suitcase. I have learned to try to avoid having them for checked luggage unless wanting to repeatedly deal with claims for materially damaged luggage.

  2. Festivus for the rest of us.
    You solicit your reader for input and respond with such derision as “the person who doesn’t travel that comments and hides in the basement.”

    Insulting, to say the least. Do better.

  3. Better than the $162 offered by Iberia for breaking my suitcase. That is the max that IB offers though I submitted a receipt for an American Tourister replacement suitcase that costed me ~$210. Other brands were even more expensive.

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