Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Amiya: Legit Indian Cuisine in Jersey City

Even with the affordable rate at the Maxwell Hotel NYC, I could not rationalize spending $140 a night for 7 nights. Bachuwa Law may make enough to keep me from MSing, but TPOL is still...

Who Says Jail Food Is Bad? Try Prison Pizza in Montana

Montana is home to some good eats. There's the ranch which can be found anywhere, the 2 Pound Burger Eating Contest in Drummond, the Hot Dog Eating Contest in Elliston, and the Double Cheeseburger...

The Original Piña Colada Comes From a Slushy Machine?

If you know TPOL, you know that TPOL loves Pina Coladas. It's God's gift to me. I've had them all over the world and put together a ranking of the best ones in the world, a list that has to be updated.

The Best BBQ in Texas?

Dejected after Michigan's loss in the Final Four championship game, I visited the Barbecue Capital of Texas, Lockhart. This small town is in between San Antonio and Austin and is a must eat if you are a carnivore like myself.

River Walk! TPOL’s San Antonio Food & Drink Guide

The River Walk San Antonio Food Drink Guide is part of the Final Four San Antonio Trip Report. Spoiler alert: Michigan didn't win it all, neither did Arizona whom TPOL foolishly picked. The day after Michigan...

Scottsdale Spring Training Guide: Closing Day to Opening Day

I once wrote a post called If You Hate Baseball, You'll Love Spring Training. I'm still not a huge fan of baseball but I did enjoy my one and only spring training game at Scottsdale Stadium.

Bevvy Scottsdale: Where to Watch Michigan Win

When I was living in Mongolia in 2014, I wrote Are You Ready for Some Football? An Expat’s Survival Guide for American Deportes. A fellow Michigan grad who happened to be in Ulaanbaatar read the article and wanted to see the home opener spent the evening watching the Michigan game in my apartment.

Hash Kitchen Scottsdale: Build Your Best Blood Mary

Based on much research, I have concluded that the best airport Bloody Mary is at the Alaskan Boardroom in Seattle or the Priority Pass Lounge in SJC. On the other extreme, I caught some...

Pho King Kitchen Scottsdale: Good Pho, Bad Phoking Service

Noodles Ranch is my favorite pho place in Arizona. The pho is delicious and I've known the friendly owner for over a decade. While I felt guilty about going to a competing pho restaurant,...

Busted? Go to Fremont Street Vegas

I was feeling down after Arizona blew it in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. My bracket appeared to be busted leaving me with no desire to bet anymore. With no desire to...
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