Friday, November 16, 2018

Need in a RX in PR? There’s CVS! W/ 1 Caveat

In today's installment of TPOL in Puerto Rico, TPOL learns about controlled substances. I don't do drugs but I will pop pills-- when I get food poisoning (see Food Poisoning in Paradise). That's a sound plan...

The World Cup! Where to Watch Sports in San Juan

You now know where to get tacos in San Juan and where to go for a run. But where to go for the big game?

Running Hot: Where to Jog in Sunny San Juan

Cardio in San Juan is part of Puerto Rico Travel Guide, where you'll learn everything about living in PR including what you need to know about being a Tax Free Expat in America. After too...

Hurricane Beryl: Preparing for TPOL’s First Tropical Event

Preparing for Hurricane Beryl is part of TPOL Moves to PR series, which describes my experience moving and living in the only true tax shelter for Americans in the world. Whenever there's a hurricane, there is always...

Tax Free Expat in Puerto Rico: Getting a P.O. Box

The Tax Free Expat in Puerto Rico series is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report. There are many things I had to do to transition my business from the hustle...

Bevvy Scottsdale: Where to Watch Michigan Win

When I was living in Mongolia in 2014, I wrote Are You Ready for Some Football? An Expat’s Survival Guide for American Deportes. A fellow Michigan grad who happened to be in Ulaanbaatar read the article and wanted to see the home opener spent the evening watching the Michigan game in my apartment.

Costco Delivery Review: On Demand Broccoli!

The Costco Delivery Review goes under the Expat Life category because life is expat easy for TPOL in Scottsdale. Sure it's unseasonably cold this week of February with a high of 70, making it necessary to wear a winter coat to a Giants spring training game.

Fluent Forever: The Best Way to Learn Multiple Languages?

Disclaimer: I don't get paid for this either, just like I didn't get paid to endorse the Westin Air Diffuser. Sometimes it's fun to write in italics.  I can curse out trolls in multiple languages:...

My Home Smells Like A Westin: Yours Can Too!

Disclaimer: I do not get paid for this Westin Scent Diffuser Review. I am only including this sentence to improve the SEO for this post.  TPOL is a luxurious minimalist. I don't like stuff but...

Haircuts Abroad: Marseille Edition

Some bloggers write about the UNESCO sites they've visited. Other bloggers write about every plane they've boarded. I choose to document many overlooked areas of travel. The first is obviously pho. The second is espresso. Another...
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