Monday, June 5, 2023

Wine Station Blenheim New Zealand: Wine Tasting the Right Way

Wine Station Blenheim New Zealand is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report. Thanks to late night drinking and eating at Raizada, we had to cancel the wine bike tour (rescheduled for the next...

Vineyard Crawl: My Yarra Valley Wine Tour

Once again, I waited until the last minute to plan an integral part of my itinerary. Originally, I was supposed to go straight from Darwin to Yarra Valley for wine tasting.

Franschhoek Wine Tasting Guide: A Life of Indulgence

Like golf, I used to believe that wine was reserved for the old and wealthy. My knowledge of wine came from the movie Sideways as did my resentment for merlot.

Rupert Wines Franschhoek: A Must Drink for Wine Enthusiasts

Rupert Wines Franschhoek is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. It is unusual that I am devoting an entire post to one vineyard, but then again, it is unusual to...

The Best Bubbly Comes From Franschhoek, Not France

The Bubbles Franschhoek post is part of the South America & Africa Points Heist Trip Report. I boldly stated that the best sushi comes from Cape Town not Tokyo. And now I will emphatically state...

Colchagua Valley, Chile: Carmenere Wine Tasting Guide

Looking for delicious reds? Hop in a rental and head two hours south of Santiago to Colchagua Valley. Surrounding the town of Santa Cruz, you will find more wineries than days in a month. Day...

Wine Tasting in Santiago, Chile

Getting There: From the Sheraton Santiago, take Line 1 from Pedro de Valdivia to Tobalaba, then take Line 4 to Las Mercedes. From there, hail a taxi to get you to the wineries.  I came to...

Mount Etna, Sicily Wine Tour: Fun & Games Until Police Stop

The first stop was the town of Milo which has the best white wines. We visited Barone di Villagrande. Reservations are not needed but are recommended.

Get Ready to Takeoff: The World’s Best Champagne

The flight attendant coming by with freshly squeezed OJ and cold bubbly triggers a Pavlovian response: fasten your seat-belt and prepare for takeoff. This wasn't always the case for TPOL when I used to ride...

“It’s Like Riding a Bike.” Those words have haunted me for years.

The mission: Visit the best wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. The reward: Endless Malbec. The obstacle: The bicycle. “It’s Like Riding a Bike.” Those words have haunted me for years because they simply are not true. The secret...
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