Wine Station Blenheim New Zealand: Wine Tasting the Right Way


Wine Station Blenheim New Zealand is part of the TPOL Down Under Trip Report.

Thanks to late night drinking and eating at Raizada, we had to cancel the wine bike tour (rescheduled for the next day, see Blenheim Wine Bike Tour). In need of tasting, we went to the Hitching Post and ordered Highlighter. Actually, in need of tasting we went to the Wine Station.

At first, we couldn’t find the Wine Station and were aimlessly wandering around Blenheim. Then we saw an old school train trudging along at a low speed. We wondered where that train was going and walked in its direction. It soon dawned on us that the Wine Station was named as such because it was a train station.

The Train Station

Curious, I asked where the train was going. I learned it goes to the next town over, Pitcon, and is a novelty for tourists on New Zealand cruises. It’s also a very expensive ride.

The Wine Station

This place is dangerous. Here’s why:

Armed with the card, I went from station to station sampling everything. Like Pulp Fiction’s $5 milkshake, I had to know what a $17 glass of Sauvignon Blanc tasted like.

Cloudy Bay is a famous vineyard, but this wasn’t worth the price.

I also tried the Hans Herzog’s signature wine which I later purchased after dining at his upscale restaurant (see Hans Estate Restaurant Review). Inspired by Raizada, I sampled more gewürztraminer, a new favorite.

After a few more, it was time to cash out. I was surprised that it was only $40USD, though I could see how it could get out of control.

Rose also worth trying


The Wine Station is a great place for sampling more varieties of varietals in Marlborough than can be done by bicycle.

TPOL’s TIP: The Wine Station is located at Sinclair St, Mayfield, Blenheim 7201, New Zealand

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