Friday, September 22, 2023

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Iberia Business: Madrid to Tenerife

After sleeping most of the time in the Iberia's Dali lounge, I forced myself to sleep for the 2:55 journey from Madrid to Tenerife South

En Route: Iberia’s Domestic Lounge Madrid

I went in circles trying to find the Iberia Dali Lounge. When I finally found it, I was impressed with its size and what it offered given that it services domestic flights.

Iberia San Juan to Madrid: Una Vez Mas

It is remarkable that in only 8 hours, I can go from a tiny island back to my inaugural residency, Madrid

Keep vs. Cancel (Proactive Edition): Capital One Venture X

I received my Capital One Venture X card two months ago in June (Capital One Venture X Approved: First Time Ever). So why am...

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Cabo Verde?

How to Get to Cabo Verde is part of the Still The Best Trip Report. When I went to Sanya, China, I met a bartender...

AA Business Riyadh to San Juan Business: Big Deal, Small Deal, No Deal?

AA Riyadh San Juan is part of Still The Best Trip Report. I am putting together another great TPOL itinerary. Right now I know that...

Confirmed: E-Certs Can Be Gifted with Globalist Perks

I booked the Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico and was told at the hotel that I would receive the Globalist perks. I did not....

Keep Vs. Cancel: Amex Business Platinum

I'm supposed to write these posts after calling and seeing if there is a retention offer. While I will make that call out of...

Bangkok Airways [Almost] Direct to Full Moon v. Plane, Bus, Ferry,...

Budget-conscious, I took a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani then a bus to the port in order to catch the ferry to Samui, and then a boat to Koh Phangan. It was a long, trying journey.

Priority Pass Coral Lounge BKK: Pre Full Moon

BKK to Full Moon Party is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report. After returning to the Aloft Bangkok at 5 AM after a night...

Spirit: Thankfully Not Awful Like Frontier

Puerto Rico to Jamaica is part of Carnival Jamaica: TPOL Goes to Candyland & Rum Rum Caribbean Castaway Trip Report. When I think of Spirit, I...

Iberia Business SJU-MAD: And Another One

This time was different. This time I was relocating to Madrid for the inauguration of my bi-annual residency in a foreign country.

Don’t Come to Puerto Rico (To Party)

Is Covid back (see The Lost & Found Year(s): COVID Trip)? Based on another stupid regulation in Puerto Rico, you would think that it was....

Amalfi Coast: My Take Was Taken on TikTok

TPOL tried to join TikTok (see The End of Days: TPOL Joins TikTok). And failed. It's too stupid of a platform for a person of...

Could This Be The Cure for Blogger Inefficiency?

I've tried all sorts of ways to improve my efficiency in blogging. I tried blogging on the go. That did not work....

Iraqi Homecoming: My 40th Birthday in Baghdad

I have symbolically landed somewhere interesting on my birthday so I could later write a story that begins with, ""On my X birthday I landed in..., an experience that would forever change my life." I used this strategy when I landed in Shanghai in 2010 to launch my career as an international attorney.

The Etiquette of Things: Shopping Carts

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book, The Etiquette of Things: Things You Didn’t Know Were Things. It is based on my annoyance with...

Pho Madrid: No Me Gusta

I had no expectations of the pho in Madrid but hoped that in this international city I would not be disappointed. Unphotunatey, Vietnam Express did not deliver.

Scammed! Or Stupid? Spirit Takes Me for $99 (Part 1)

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Now comes forth a bitter Spirit customer number 1,287,878,964 I flew Spirit for the first time en...

Punxsutawney TPOL: Travel Lessons

I always make mistakes when I travel. I openly confess such mistakes. Instead of thanking me, some readers like to criticize me. Here were my lessons from this trip.

Remember When? Scam Covid Test #3: Leaving Malta

My trip to Malta was in 2021. It was my first time abroad following Covid. Up to that point, there were many reasons why I didn't want to travel. Number three on that list was testing.

Coravin Wine System: The Solution for Classy Bingers

Disclaimer: If you buy one from Amazon, I get paid.  I wrote the post You Don't Have to Order a Bottle of Wine to outline...

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