Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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Simply The Best: November 2022

I'll admit that I have not been posting as much as I normally would. That's good news because I have been busy planning more...

Finalizing the ANA RTW Trip, World Cup & Luck Included

Finalizing the ANA RTW Trip is part of the Iraq Homecoming & Coupe du Monde Trip Report. In May, I booked a round the world...

Wild Word Cup! Urban Turban Black Friday Sale

Have you seen the Urban Turban in the World Cup yet? Keep watching and you will see it on international TV! I am leaving...

Chase Matches Ink Unlimited 90k Offer

Don't you hate it when you apply for a card and months later see that the same card has a better offer? Sometimes banks...

Booked! Qatar Qsuites Round 3 for the World Cup

In July, I stayed up all night before succumbing to sleep before waking up again to buy my tickets to the World Cup (see Is...

Booking Bangkok After Vietnam Failure

How are you under stress? Like a great quarterback, I feel the pressure and do my best to go through my progressions. Panicking will only lead to paralysis.

Happy Festivus! Airing of Points Grievances 2021

After being canceled last year due to Covid (see Cancelled! Festivus 2020), Festivus is back. First, take a trip down memory lane of past celebrations...

Don’t Let Your Chase Hyatt Cert Expire

I just wrote about how I try to track everything regarding credit card benefits (see World of Hyatt Business: $100 Statement Credits Per Year)....

Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico: A Globalist in Name Only

Hyatt Grand Reserve Puerto Rico Hotel Review is part of the Despacito! TPOL Moves to Puerto Rico Trip Report. I moved to Puerto Rico more...

Radisson Kaunas: Another Great, Overlooked Radisson

While I have stayed at few Radissons that were more luxurious, most have been basic. Surprisingly the Radisson Kaunas was anything but.

Hotel Pacai Vilnius: No Marriott Devaluation Here

Do you know what Marriott benefits you receive when you stay at the Hotel Pacai Vilnius, a member of the Design Hotels? Nothing.

Priority Pass Riga: Bonus Lounge Review Thanks to airBaltic

Damn airBaltic's cancellation. It's bad enough that I have to arrive late into the night to Vilnius, but now I have to go to another Priority Pass Lounge and write another 'review'.

The End of Days: TPOL Joins TikTok

It's the end of the world as we know it. And I don't feel fine. In fact, I am quite angry to announce that...

Is TPOL Going to The World Cup?

TPOL is a lover of sports and going to sports events throughout the world (see Stadium Guide). The best sports event in the world...

Iraqi Homecoming Trip Report: An Introduction

When Covid hit, I made adjustments. The most obvious one was not traveling. Locked down, I became accustomed to my daily lifestyle, and, dare I say, even accomplished a few things.

CDC Suspends Testing Requirement: Where’s My Refund?

TPOL is back to blogging (see Simply The Best: May 2022). A great way to resume is by doing what I do best: complain....

Inventing Anna v. TPOL: Do You Know Who I Am?

If you're looking to waste a few hours of your life, watch "Inventing Anna" on Netflix. For those who have not seen it, I...

Pho-usion in Estonia

You already know the rule for good pho places: plastic chairs and questionable cleanliness. It is also advisable that the restaurant only serves Vietnamese food.

Booking Bangkok After Vietnam Failure

How are you under stress? Like a great quarterback, I feel the pressure and do my best to go through my progressions. Panicking will only lead to paralysis.

Vietnam E-Visa Not Processed: Another TPOL Duck Up?

I hate writers who say, "in full disclosure" before starting a post. Are you saying absent that you are hiding something? With that preface, I would like to say, in full disclosure, I knew I needed a visa to Vietnam when I booked the world's longest flight.

18:50 Minutes to SIN: Is Anyone Ready for This?

18:50 to SIN is part of the Reunion Tour Trip Report. There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know...

13.5 Hours in JFK: Wait, There Was Early Check-in?

Before I travel, I am required to read my Travel Lessons so I don't make the same mistakes I always make. I did so this time to my detriment. Let me explain.

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