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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Avianca LifeMiles Rejected for What?

Too many credit inquiries. Too much available credit. Those are the reasons I am used to receiving when I am rejected for a card in this churn game. When I applied for the Avianca LifeMiles card, I was told the following:

Thank you for your recent application, which we are processing on behalf of our issuer, First Electronic Bank. Your request for a credit card was carefully considered, and we regret that we are unable to approve your application at this time, for the following reason(s):  

  • Potential fraud

That’s a first. They only provide an address to follow-up. I will explore other ways and report back. Anyone else get flagged for potential fraud?



  1. I had issues with Bank of America when I had PO Box as my mailing address. Took almost a month to finally get an approval. Once I got rid of the PO Box no more problems.

  2. Although they are not with Banco Popular anymore, they used to do stuff like that. I got approved for the old avianca banco popular card years ago, i got it in the mail and tried to activate it and they wanted me to verify my identity and they ended up closing the card after I sent in my docs. I’m not sure what they didn’t like, they wouldnt say.

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