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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Freezing Fat: Medical Tourism in Colombia

Freezing Fat is part of the Birthday Bash Trip Report.

Why do you travel? Is it to gain enlightenment? Is it to wander off the beaten path? Is it for sex (see Since I cannot personally go to SE Asia with Mikey and show him the ladyboy bars in Bangkok…)? Or is it because your love handles persist despite your best efforts to stick to the Tahiti diet (see Making the Bungalow Selfie Count)?

Well, now you can eat all you want. My last trip to Colombia was for medical tourism. For only $387 (1.5 million pesos), I underwent a fun procedure called cryolipolysis whereby the doctor froze my fat cells. The procedure was non-invasive. It required being hooked up to a machine that clamped down on my less than flattering curves.

a person lying on a bed

In 3 months I should see a noticeable difference. The only side effect of my transition is the jokes I receive for wearing this mandatory corset.

a man taking a selfie in a bathroom
All jokes are welcome.

TPOL’s TIP: Siempre Viva Medellin is the name of the clinic.

Disclaimer: Ask your doctor if this procedure is right for you. TPOL won’t be held responsible for your heart attack or anything else that may go wrong.



    • As you will see from the upcoming posts, I spent my time in Medellin not drinking. So your assumption of excess alcohol intake, though historically true, is now an outdated belief.

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