Monday, June 5, 2023

Guns & Butter: Guadalajara Travel Guide

Guadalajara was a nice place to visit. Three nights in Guadalajara were plenty. Although I had a good time, I definitely prefer Mexico City.

The Westin Guadalajara: The Other Option

Westins feel like home. They're comfortable and familiar. The Westin Guadalajara had the chic appeal of a W, without the IKEA furniture and unremarkable service.

Hyatt Regency Guadalajara: Pretty Good

The Hyatt Regency Guadalajara has only been open for a year. It's located in the financial district of Guadalajara. It is also surrounded by my nightmare-- a strip mall of the worst restaurants and shops known to mankind.

World Baseball Classic Guadalajara: Kenny Powers’ Stadium

It was a mission to get tickets for The World Baseball Classic which was hosted at Estadio de Béisbol Charros de Jalisco y Atletismo. The game featured Mexico vs Italy, a match up that would...

World Baseball Classic Guadalajara: Beer Detour

The highlight of my trip to Guadalajara was The World Baseball Classic between Italy and Mexico. After the adventure getting the tickets, I wanted to arrive at the stadium early so I wouldn't miss the opening...

Guadalajara Nightlife: Tacos & Tequila (Again)

It was a Wednesday in Guadalajara so I had modest expectations for a night out. The hotel recommended going to Chapultepec Road which is a street lined with bars and restaurants. We walked around for...

Tacos & Tequila: An Afternoon in Tlaquepaque

A nice afternoon in Guadalajara is composed of a quiet stroll in Tlaquepaque followed by an insanely big ceviche michelada, tequila tasting, and more tacos. We arrived early in the afternoon to and took the...

World Baseball Classic Guadalajara: The Adventure Getting Tickets

On the advice of my hotel, I took an Uber to Plaza del Sol to go to Mr CD, Mexico’s version of Record Town (shout out to my Genesee Valley Mall workers in Flint)...

Authentic Mexican Food in Guadalajara

Looking for somewhere to eat in Guadalajara? Get out of the Hyatt Club Lounge and head to Fonda Dona Gabina Escolastica for authentic, traditional Mexican food. There you won't find tourists but you will...

The Club At SJC: The New Bloody Mary Queen?

Oh look, a Priority Pass lounge. Will it be yuck or will it be great? It was great. My Alaska flight was cancelled to LAX. I was rerouted to San Jose and spent twenty...
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